Make A Denim Pocket Pillow, Perfect For Hiding A Special Treasure

Denim Pocket Pillow Made From Recycled Jeans

So excited to share a denim project today that makes use of all those small scraps we so often have left over when we're working on a denim project. Pam, the talented and creative genius behind the fabulous blog, Threading My Way, makes some of the cutest pillows you've ever seen, only in the land of down under where Pam lives, they call them … [Read more...]

Denim Pockets Made From Recycled Jeans

Recycled Jean Pockets

Don't have enough jean pockets for a denim project you have in mind? Make your own like Morgan did when she created these adorable custom aprons! I'm so used to seeing the pockets recycled from jeans, I'm not sure I would have thought to just make my own from the denim fabric. Brilliant idea and so simple! I especially love the one filled with … [Read more...]

Butterfly Applique Made From Goodwill Jeans

Denim Butterfly Made From Jeans

Sometimes instead of creating or working on a really big denim project, we just want to use this always versatile fabric to decorate or embellish. That's what Deborah who blogs at Art Threads decided to do with a pair of old jeans she found for a song at Goodwill. With her thrifted jeans, she created the cutest butterfly applique that's perfect for … [Read more...]

Denim Bookbag Made From Jeans

Denim Bookbag Made From Recycled Old Jeans

I have a wonderful new recycled denim project to share today. This is brand new use for your old jeans and other recycled denim fabric, one that I've never featured before and it is fabulous! Fili and Lino, two super talented crafters who blog at a blog by the same name, Fili & Lino, came up with the brilliant idea of using old jeans to make … [Read more...]

Make a Denim Tote Bag From Recycled Jeans

Denim Tote Bag Made From Recycled Denim Jean Fabric

I love a great tote bag and they are one of the most popular projects for making use of recycled denim fabric from jeans, skirts or shirts.  Cindy, that talented blogger behind the blog My Recycled Bags has a great tutorial for making a denim bag. Two features of her bag that I especially like are that it's lined and has a zipper closure. I also … [Read more...]

Monogrammed Denim Wreath Tutorial

Monogrammed Denim Wreath

Monogrammed wreaths are so popular these days and often quite expensive. I love anything with a monogram! Patty who blogs at How Sweet It Is, made a darling monogrammed wreath recently for the 4th of July holiday using a recycled denim shirt and a pair of old jeans. Of course, you could make this wreath using other accent colors since … [Read more...]

Denim Baby Shoes Made From Jeans, Robeez Inspired

Denim Baby Shoes Made From Repurposed Jeans

Today's recycled denim project may win the award for the cutest repurposing of a pair of jeans. Are these not adorable?!  These just melt my heart...sweet denim baby shoes!   Jaime who blogs at Pretty Prudent came up with this clever design.  They are very similar in style to a well-known baby slipper called by Robeez. Are you … [Read more...]

Add Polka Dots to Denim Jeans

Add Polka Dots to Jeans or Jean Shorts

Got a pair of jeans that could use a little makeover? Here's a cute way to update those same old, same old jeans that's basically free. Only expense or cost is a wee bit of white paint. Christina who blogs at Eat. Sleep. Denim has written a tutorial along with pictures showing how to makeover a pair of jean shorts by adding adorable polka dots! … [Read more...]

Make A Banner For The 4th of July

Patriotic Banner Made From Jean Pockets

I'm doing it! I'm sneaking in one more 4th of July denim craft before it's too late. I couldn't let preparations for the big day go by without sharing this fabulous banner made using the recycled pockets from denim jeans. Cheryl, the Blogger behind the awesome blog, That's What Che Said, created this fabulous banner and even customized it with … [Read more...]

Make a Patriotic Denim Flag Wreath For The 4th Of July

DIY 4th of July Wreath Made With Denim

So excited today to share one more amazing patriotic wreath design using recycled denim, just in time for your upcoming 4th of July celebration. Kim, the talented blogger behind the blog, Made In a Day created the cutest red, white and blue patriotic flag wreath design. This fun and easy-to-make wreath can be made in one sitting and will look great … [Read more...]