Upholster a Chair with Old Denim

If you have children, chances are pretty good you often have jeans that are either well-worn, outgrown or both.  That was the case for Carol who is the mother of three sons, all of whom wear jeans and denim jackets. She is also married to jean-wearing hubby, too. With no shortage of old denim fabric, Carol came up with a wonderful idea.

Denim Jeans Used to Upholster a Chair


Carol took all those well-loved and well-worn jeans and jackets and with her mother’s help, turned them into a wonderful Memory Chair. Carol ┬ásaid, “I covered a chair with them all. I had to piece it like a crazy quilt and then cut out the pattern. My mother and my husband helped me and then we all signed the back of the chair before we reattached the backing.” Each worn spot, each frayed knee is a memory from time spent sliding down hills and down hallways or in the case of her husband, riding bulls!

Recycle Old Jeans to Upholster a Chair (2)


Carol took lot of great pictures to document exactly how she upholstered her memory chair with her children’s and husband’s old denim clothing. You’ll find pictures detailing the whole process from start to finish at Between Naps on the Porch.