Denim Aprons Made from Old Jeans and Scarves

Looking for some cute Christmas gifts for the little ones in your family. You’re going to love this wonderful tutorial Jackie from Jackie and the Hooligans put together sharing how she made these adorable denim aprons.

Jackie repuposed old jeans and old scarves to create these one-of-a kind adorable aprons for the children she cares for  in her home daycare, affectionately known as “the hooligans.” So cute!  Of course, with enough denim, you could also make these in grown-up sizes, too.

Repurposed Denim Aprons


Jackie says, “I LOVE repurposing denim!  It’s soft, it’s sturdy, it doesn’t stain easily, and it washes up really well.” That explains beautifully why jeans and most denim clothing is so often reused and repurposed into something new and wonderful.

Denim Aprons with Applique


You’ll find Jackie’s detailed tutorial for making these fun aprons here: Denim Aprons Made from Repurposed Jeans