Make a Denim Corsage or Flower Pin

Sachiko who blogs at Tea Rose Home had an old pair of jeans that were no longer in good enough shape to wear. They were faded and headed for the trash when she remembered having seen a denim flower corsage in a local shop for $38. A little light bulb moment happened and she decided to bring those old jeans back to life, turning them into something pretty she could wear once again.

Old Jeans Recycled


She used the recycled denim to make this sweet corsage. Wouldn’t it look great with just about any outfit? The decorative stone and beads in the center give it such a professional, sophisticated look.

Sachiko has an Etsy shop where she sells many of her creations so be sure to check it out. Lucky for us she’s written a great tutorial sharing how she made this cute floral corsage.



You’ll find the tutorial to craft this corsage at Tea Rose Home here: Make a Denim Flower Corsage Pin.

*This Denim Craft has been added to the No-Sew category here at DDO since the only sewing it requires is hand-sewing on the beads. No machine sewing is needed.